plettac Argoscan MS multi-static range of detection system


With its hard shoulder module in the Argoscan MS multi-static range of detection software, ARGOVISION has extended the means available for video detection in traffic management from static cameras to dynamic cameras.

Argovision Info

Argoscan "keeps an eye" on the sections that have already been checked by the operator until the visual analysis stage has been completed. Thus, Argoscan supports the operator perfectly in the decision whether the all-clear can be given or not.


Argovision Info

The release of the hard shoulder for moving traffic is one of the most innovative and workable concepts for the
standardisation of trans-European transport. It has been realised successfully in combination with Argovision components in Germany
and other countries for over 15 years.

Argovision Info

With Argoscan, plettac now releases the logical software support for this method. The first scan software for multistatic applications allows, in combination with
dynamic cameras, a large and variable number of individual positions to be analysed.

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 Live view on a working monitor

Gappless reproduction of the motorway section for means of visual detection and remote control (duration depending on the length of the section, up to 30 minutes).


Argoscan bridges the time gap during the operator's visual check by analysing
the pictures digitally in the background therefore Argoscan is the optimal support for the operator to check the hard shoulder before giving the all-clear for it to be used by moving traffic.

Intelligent Scanning in the Background

Periodical scanning of sections that have already been checked by the operator until the visual check is finished
(duration ca.90 seconds per one camera tour)
Video detection and automatic image evaluation
Sorting out of irrelevant "problems" (umbra shadows, lane infringments e.g. by trucks etc) 


Event Evaluation 

Selection of the alarm triggering picture
Free navigation within the video recording (forward/backwards, first/last picture etc)
Parallel live and past view
Control of the visual field of the dynamic camera (zoom, focus) 


Event presentation


Presentation of detected problems
Display with event pictures and/or event list
Additional information (camera number, section kilometers, date and time)

Argoscan at-a-glance


◾ Greater saftey thanks to minimised     constant "time gap" of ca.90 sec
◾ Less strain on the operator, meaning that the operator is free to analyse detection results without pressure of time
◾ User friendly presentation with parallel live and past view
◾ Optical zoom for verification purposes
◾ Drastic reduction in hardware requirements by the application of dynamic cameras
◾ Drastic reduction in associated cost of infrastructure
◾Potential for additional use for further traffic analyses and monitoring 


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