plettac BMS Keyboard      The plettac BMS RS485 Control Keyboard

The BMS control keyboard is housed in a tough metal casing, it provides communication using the plettac FWE protocol and includes full Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and focus control.....

 BMS close up

plettac BMS close up view

The plettac BMS Keyboard
Housed in a tough metal case. The BMS keyboard provides RS485 control data with the plettac FWE protocol which is used by the FAC range of cameras and our  P.O.S.A. matrix system

The BMS has push buttons
for pan, tilt, zoom and focus functions

Keys for right, left, up, down,
 focus and zoom are fitted with
 pressure sensors to provide an optional
 7-step speed control function.


Keyboard 44 mechanical keys

8 keys with pressure sensors

Green LED indicating voltage/data traffic
RS 485 - 4-wire for bus operation
9 pin D-SUB-connector (Serial IN)
9 pin D-SUB-connector (Serial OUT)
DC power consumption 30 W

plettac has long been
 the leading manufacturer and supplier of top of the range
 CCTV cameras and related products within this exciting marketplace
Our reference list of projects
 shows our
 total involvement and commitment to providing the right
 security solution
 across many
 public and private sector areas


plettac BMS features

plettac camera operation and matrix control
Patented pressure-sensitive keys
 Optional joystick
Configures plettac FAC range cameras
Bus-interface for multi keyboard networking
Programmable function keys
Optional flush-fitting workstation version

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BMS zoom focus

zoom focus buttons plettac BMS keyboard

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