Sentio NetManager      The plettac Sentio NetManager Software

The plettac NetManager remote viewing software..... 1 licence needs to be purchased per hardware device..... this software provides remote viewing of a Sentio 50 DVR..... contact plettac for pricing details.....

 Sentio Lite Front view

NetManager  PTZ window

The plettac Sentio NetManager

The NetManager software is used
for providing remote access
to the Sentio 50 DVR system.
It is installed on a PC and
will log on to the Sentio DVR
running on the same network.

Sentio NetManager

NetManager provides viewing of live
images and playback of recorded

It is possible to log onto multiple DVRs
and display your choice of images
NetManager main screen view

Hardware requirements
plettac Security can provide the
nessessary hardware ready
built for running NetManager

Ask us to provide a quotation for
a Sentio Remote Client machine
including the NetManager software

plettac has long been
 the leading manufacturer and supplier of top of the range
 CCTV cameras and related products within this exciting marketplace

Standard Features of NetManager

Remote display of live images
Playback of recorded footage
PTZ camera control
Search recorded data for motion events
Receive alerts when an event occurs
View the event history on any server
Export recorded data

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 shows our
 total involvement and
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 security solution
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NetManager Playback screen
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