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The plettac Security pre-build and test service saves our customers vast amounts of time when installing on site, cameras for example can be supplied with ready wired tails all tested and ready to go.....

 Pre-build rear

Rear view of a plettac Pre-build

Pre-build and Test Service

At plettac Security we pride ourselves in being able to offer
a full pre-build and test service.

An extensive amount of work is carried out by plettac engineers in our workshops when providing this facility, thus saving time on site.

Our cameras can be fitted into the external weatherproof housings as shown in the pictures here, tails can also be fully
wired in and tested if they are required.

This work can be carried out by us either
by using parts supplied, or we can
supply the full package.

 Pre-build several

Pre-builds are carried out with full consideration being given to our
customers exact requirements for each specific installation as the work
progresses, after which all of the work passes through a strict and thorough
testing procedure before
being dispatched.

plettac has long been
 the leading manufacturer and supplier of top of the range
 CCTV cameras and related products within this exciting marketplace

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safety and security solution sales, service
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industry worldwide at airports, seaports,
road and rail as well as at highly sensitive
areas such as prisons, government buildings, nuclear plants and banks
Pre-build example

plettac Security Pre-build example
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