Knowsley Schools      plettac cameras and equipment installed at Schools in Knowsley Liverpool

plettac Security cameras are installed at schools in the Knowsley area of Liverpool..... FAC858IR cameras have been used in PTZ housings, and FAC940L cameras are used in fixed static housings.....


plettac cameras in schools

plettac Security UK Ltd have supplied a number of cameras installed at the schools in the Knowsley area of Liverpool.

The Borough of Knowsley covers from North West of Kirby to Cronton in the east part of the area down to Halewood in the south of the borough where the Land Rover and Jaguar factories are located, they build the new Freelander and the X-type Jaguars from this location

The plettac cameras used in the Pan
and Tilt units are the latest
 FAC858 IR colour cameras

 In the fixed housings plettac FAC940L
 colour cameras are used.

plettac has long been
 the leading manufacturer and supplier of top of the range
 CCTV cameras and related products within this exciting marketplace

The FAC858 IR is capable of storing
2 back focus positions, when turning the
IR lamps on the camera automatically
moves the position of the CCD sensor
to take into account the on scene infra Red.

By using this system the cameras always
have the optimum pictures for both day
 and night situations

plettac Security UK Limited provides
safety and security solution sales, service
and support for virtually every
industry worldwide at airports, seaports,
road and rail as well as at highly sensitive
areas such as prisons, government buildings, nuclear plants and banks

plettac FAC858 IR camera
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