plettac VNS100      The plettac VNS100  MPEG-4 Encoder Decoder 

The plettac VNS100 MPEG-4 advanced CODEC system allows streaming of 1 video signal over a network.... also RS485 control data can be configured back to the camera.....

 VNS100 codec

plettac VNS100 Codec unit

The plettac VNS100

The VNS100 is a video network
streamer for up to 4 different
streams handling a maximum
of 2 resolutions from the same
video source

Configuration can be made via
web browser (HTML) and plettac
management system P.O.S.A.

Depending on the customers network
strategy all existing networks from LAN
can be used with MPEG-4 at
full resolution
 VNS100 close up
VNS100 close-up front view

1 x FBAS video input

Processor TI DSP TMS320 DM642-720mhz

LAN interface 10/100BaseT full duplex
Encoder MPEG4
TTL Alarm input and ouput
Operating voltage 9v - 32v DC
Image memory 128 MB SDRAM onboard

plettac has long been
 the leading manufacturer and supplier of top of the range
 CCTV cameras and related products within this exciting marketplace
Our reference list of projects
 shows our
 total involvement and commitment to providing the right
 security solution
 across many
 public and private sector areas


VNS100 software functions

Confiuration via web server or plettac P.O.S.A.
Variable image rates 0.1 to 25 pfs
 Unicast / Multicast
Scalable bit rate
2 codec instances of video channel
Resolution settings full D1, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF
Realtime encoding

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