plettac POSA      The Plettac Open Security Architecture system

The plettac POSA system has been installed in several locations for many of our top clients.... the hardware platforms are built using current computer technologies .....

plettac POSA keyboard

Open Security Architecture

An intelligent security control system combining sub-systems such as video matrix, video motion detection, HD recording, transmission and camera programming

Hardware stations having single or multiple tasks are linked to exchange real-time data and the corresponding video images

The system concept offers dynamic security solutions which integrate existing
investments and facilitate future expansion
a POSA Graphical User Interface station

Open video and event management.
Real time data exchange between
 intelligent networked stations.
Modular design, functional expansion.
Task automation.
System compatible.
Object Configuration.

plettac has long been
 the leading manufacturer and supplier of top of the range
 CCTV cameras and related products within this exciting marketplace
Our reference list of projects
 shows our
 total involvement and commitment to providing the right
 security solution
 across many
 public and private sector areas


The plettac POSA

The hardware platforms are built using
 current standard computer technologies
 and are cost-effective, fully expandable
 and upgradeable.

They are fully compatible with peripheral
systems and all levels of modern security CCTV operation.

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Digital Mini POSA hardware using
VNS102 units

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