Network Rail      plettac Security UK Ltd is working in partnership with Network Rail

plettac Security UK Ltd is working in partnership with Network Rail regarding all aspects of it's CCTV requirements..... this includes plettac cameras, DVRs and ANPR systems.....

plettac colour cameras in use by Network Rail
 include the FAC858, the FAC940,
and the FAC858 NRF

The FAC858 NRF is use
d for Train Tail Light
 viewing requirements
NRF Montage

Above shows images produced by the plettac FAC858 NRF camera during on-site demonstration

Network Rail

Digital Video Recorders are in
 use by Network Rail providing around the
 clock recording of Level Crossing cameras

Security are comitted to working
with Network Rail in all aspects of
their CCTV related requirements

This includes plettac CCTV cameras
installed at Level Crossings,
plettac Digital Viedo Recorders
which privide around the clock
recording of the camera images,
 and ANPR systems

FAC858NRF camera
Sites2Network RailSites
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plettac Security UK Ltd has been
assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of
ISO 9001